Why do submariner of NOOB factory have two 2836 and 3135 versions, what is the difference

As we all know, the Submariner of NOOB factory has two replica versions of watches, which are equipped with domestic 2836 movement and replica 3135 movement. Therefore, many friends have asked me various questions about the two movements. Today I have a special answer to questions about the movement.

First of all, let’s see what the genuine Rolex 3135 movement looks like:

3135 is known as the king of self-winding movements, and naturally has its own advantages. The 3135 movement was officially launched in 1988. After its launch, it was praised by everyone for its excellent stability and accuracy. After 25 years of development, it is still the king of the movement and the most basic movement of Rolex today.

Let’s take another look at the 3135 movement cloned by the NOOB factory:

The 3135 is a movement cloned by the NOOB factory according to the Rolex 3135 movement. It truly restores a watch from the inside out.

After purchasing a 3135 movement version of the Submariner, a customer asked their local watch master to remove the short strap. By the way, they wanted to debug the error. The watch master opened the cover and said that this movement is estimated to be 2000USD, so it is simply Did not see this is just a replica watch.

There is no difference between the two movements when viewed from the outside. In theory, the original movement will be more stable and durable, but it is not that the 3135 movement in the NOOB factory is not good. The same is true for this movement. As a result of hard work, the two movements are also very close in performance.

Finally, let’s take a look at the 2836 movement that accounts for half of Rolex:

The 2836 is a domestically produced original movement, which is slightly better than the replica 3135 movement in terms of stability and longevity. I have worn the v6 version of the Submariner (Seagull 2836 movement) for more than a year. I measured it on the machine last weekend. The error can still be stabilized at 6 seconds/day. And basically all three-hand watches use the 2836 movement, which is very resistant to operation and stable.

How to distinguish 2836 and 3135 movements:

First distinguish from the appearance:

The appearance of the Rolex water ghost from the N factory is also different due to the different movements. The mirror surface of the Seagull 2836 is A-shaped, and the 3135 movement is a sticker with a small crown.

The difference between manual winding:

Seagull 2836 movement: The sound of rustling when rotating clockwise.

Calibre 3135: when the winding is rotating, the sound of Dada is relatively light

The difference between adjusting the calendar:

Turning clockwise, the 3135 jump calendar is very fast, while the Seagull 2836 movement is very slow.

to sum up

Speaking of this, many watch friends will consider whether the Seagull 2836 movement is good or the 3135 movement. Here I will tell you that the 3135 movement was changed by the manufacturer itself, and the Seagull 2836 movement was used. The performance is convenient and almost consistent. It is just that the 3135 movement is closer to the authentic from the appearance. However, because this submarine is a dense bottom structure, the movement is not visible. All individuals recommend the seagull movement. The difference between the two is 40USD. The cost performance of the seagull movement is the most Appropriate, but now in 2017, the NOOB factory gave up the 2836 of Seagull and adopted the 2836 of Hangzhou. In fact, the difference is really small. As for what is the reason, it must be that the NOOB factory and the Hangzhou movement factory want to have more Cooperation!

If I recommend it, the 2836 movement is suitable for most ordinary watch friends, and it is stable, durable and cost-effective. The calibre 3135 is more in line with fever-level watch friends who are seeking ultimate reduction.

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