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Richard Mille is one of the most notorious brands for luxury watches. They were founded in 1999 in Switzerland and they have created some of the most expensive watches reaching prices up to 2 million dollars. Two of their most expensive watches, the RM 56-02 which costs $2 Million and the RM 56-01 which costs $1.85 Million. If you can not spend 2 million in a watch, we have this replica watches in our shop for under $500.

But not all Richard Mille watches cost several million. We can find several watches on this collection for less than half a million like the RM 010 for around $100k and the RM 030 for around $150k.

One of the main features of Richard Mille watches in some models like RM056 and RM07-2 is the use of a sapphire crystal for the case. This provides additional quality to the watches and also increases their price. You can see in our shop that the replicas we provide, also come with sapphire crystal.

The design of these watches is young and energetic. This is probably why they have partnered with Tennis athlete Rafa Nadal and with Formula 1 McLaren to promote their watches. Another great touch in their quality is that these watches not only show you the time, but you can also see the mechanics. Definitely a great touch that many would love.

This below, are some of the most famous watches from Richard Mille:

Richard Mille RM011-03 Mclaren – Original price around $200k – Replica price around $650
Richard Mille RM052 Skull – Original price around $500k – Replica price around $400
Richard Mille RM055 Bubba Watson – Original price around $150k – Replica price around $450

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