Graphic analysis of diamond 4C, what is the standard of diamond 4C?

Diamond 4C is a relatively professional knowledge. If you understand it by words alone, it is inevitable that laymen will not understand it. However, when selecting diamonds, diamond 4C plays a decisive role. For laymen to buy a good diamond, they must have a full understanding of the weight, clarity, color and cut of diamond 4C. Below, chinareplica will combine the relevant pictures to explain the diamond 4C related knowledge for everyone, and hope to help your purchase process.

The weight of a diamond is calculated in carats. Because large diamonds are relatively rare compared to small diamonds, the higher the value of diamonds accompanying the increase in carat weight. One carat is 100 points, which is equal to 0.2 grams. The heavier the diamond and the larger the diameter, the brighter the sparkle and the brighter the fire.

It is worth noting that: 0.3CT diamonds have obvious fire color, 0.5CT and above have value preservation function, and 1 carat and above diamonds have value-added function.

Most of the diamonds that are more common in the market are colorless, but a closer look will bring a slight yellow tone, which is due to the small amount of nitrogen in the diamond. Completely colorless diamonds are very rare.
You can consider diamonds between D and H colors, this level range is the color range that is most selected by guests who are customized by loose diamonds. The closer the diamond color is to colorlessness, the higher the value.

A perfectly cut diamond is to condense all the light that enters the diamond from the outside, and then completely reflect the fire light and fire color from the desktop and the crown. The bottom cut is too deep, and the light cannot be refracted inside to produce light leakage; the bottom cut is too shallow, and the light then immediately escapes from the bottom, neither of which can make the diamond fully reflect the fascinating light. If the cutting is too shallow, you can see the fisheye phenomenon from the front, and if the cutting is too deep, it will produce a blocky black shadow. The cutting of GIA diamonds is divided into EX (perfect), VG (very good), G (good), FAIR (general), POOR (poor), of which 3EX cutting is the top perfect cut.
Cutting is the second life of diamonds, so when you choose diamonds, choose 3EX cut diamonds, which can make the diamond’s fire color be the most perfect.

Clarity classification is a professional judgment made by a professional appraiser under a 10-fold magnifying glass. In fact, every natural diamond has inclusions. The number, size, shape, and color of the inclusions determine the clarity and quality of each diamond. Most diamond jewelry cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Clarity recommends that you choose SII or above. Some of the fish tail SI2 grades can see blemishes with your eyes and are easy to degrade. You may choose high-color and low-clarity diamonds. This combination is recognized as the most cost-effective.

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