Diamond 4C: Color

Diamond is equivalent to a prism, it can split the light into a colorful light and can reflect this light to form a colorful flash, just like we pass through colored glasses, the color of the diamond will act as a filter to reduce the escape of reflected light. The lighter the color of the diamond, the stronger the color of the flash, the higher the color level.

(COLOUR)-the gift of diamonds!

The color of diamonds is divided into two major series. Common colorless series include colorless and transparent, nearly colorless and light yellow; and color series include dark yellow, gray, pink, black and so on. The diamond color grade is based on the color grade established by the Gemological Institute of America GIA, from “D” (transparent and colorless, starting from the first letter of Diamond) to “Z” (yellow). Colored diamonds are ever-changing, very rare and extremely expensive diamonds. The color grading system is not suitable for colored diamonds.

The color is D, E, F, also known as transparent colorless, it is extremely rare, the difference between them depends on the experts to carefully discern; the most common color is G to J, also known as close to colorless . Experts are easier to distinguish, but it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish, and it is more difficult to detect if they are set on jewelry; the color is below K, also known as light yellow, the average person may be able to distinguish, but the price is significantly cheaper.

Grade D: completely colorless. The highest color level, extremely rare.
   Class E: colorless. Only gem experts can detect trace colors. It’s a very rare diamond.
   Class F: colorless. A small amount of color can only be detected by jewelry experts, but it is still considered to be colorless. It belongs to high-quality diamonds.
  G-H grade: close to colorless. When compared with diamonds of a higher color grade, there is a slight color. But diamonds of this color grade still have high value.
  I-J level: close to colorless. A slight color can be detected. Higher value.
  K-M, N-Z level: darker color, poor fire color, I love Diamond Network does not provide, nor recommend consumers to buy diamonds of this color level.

Comparison of American Gemological Institute (GIA) color grading system with Chinese color grading system

GIA is the founder of Diamond 4C. The appraisal agencies of all countries in the world use the GIA standard as a reference. The Chinese appraisal standard is based on the GIA diamond appraisal standard.


Some people seek diamonds that produce this unique effect, while others avoid buying them. Different levels of fluorescent effects can only be recognized by professionally trained jewelry professionals.

  Fluorescence (fluorescence) intensity level is divided into “strong”, “medium”, “weak”, “none” four levels. The fluorescence level is medium or strong, respectively, which can make the surface of the colorless diamond look whiter at a certain distance, thereby adding a layer of hazy or oily feeling to the diamond. Diamonds with intermediate or strong fluorescence are generally cheaper than other diamonds.

Relation between diamond color and price

The diamond color changes from D to Z to yellow, and the price also becomes lower. The price of each color level is generally 15%-25%. The difference between high color levels is higher than the difference between low color levels. The difference between 1 carat and more than 1 carat is higher. . Diamond fluorescence may increase or decrease the diamond color level by up to 15%.

Which color level is best

   For idealists, it is best to seek colorless diamonds with DF grade and diamonds with four fluorescence levels of “strong”, “medium”, “weak”, and “no”.

   For those who want to buy diamonds with a high value and cannot see the color with the naked eye, you can buy diamonds with a color grade of G-I close to colorless and a fluorescent grade of intermediate or blue-white.

Furthermore, if you do not want to compromise on color but do not want to exceed the budget, you can choose a diamond with good cut, clarity of S11-S12 and accompanied by intensity fluorescence, which is not inferior to the naked eye. . It is possible that you prefer the unique effects created by fluorescence.

Tips for choosing diamond color grade

  When buying diamonds, color is the most important diamond quality except for cutting. Especially when considering the purchase of larger diamonds, the color is particularly important, because the more light reflected by the big diamond, the easier it is to notice the color. In addition, diamond shapes cut in steps, such as “cushion” and “radiant”, emit less light and give other colored diamonds more color than other cut diamonds. Addition function.

  Daily consumers can consider diamonds from D color to H color when buying diamonds. This level range is the color range that is most selected by guests who are customized by loose diamonds. The closer the diamond color is to colorlessness, the higher the value.

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