Demystifying China’s luxury replica watches from where? History and production process of replica watches

A new wave of reform and opening up was set in 1992. The reform and opening up of the Pearl River Delta continued to develop in-depth, the introduction of foreign capital set off a climax, infrastructure and various constructions made rapid progress, economic development accelerated, and industrialization progress accelerated. After more than ten years of development, Guangdong has a world-class light industrial park with first-class metal processing capabilities.

What is a NOOB factory? What are the replica factories? What are the masterpieces of reproduction in these factories?

The names Noob factory, JF Factory, V6 factory, etc. we heard are not real factories. They are just the coders of moldmakers. The replica watches are used by these molders to find various parts suppliers and then assemble and produce them uniformly… In fact, the mobile phone industry is the same. Some of the mobile phone manufacturers have special screen suppliers (Samsung, Sharp, etc.). Of course, other accessories are also produced by other suppliers. Many mobile phone brands do not even have the ability to produce any accessories.

Which replica watches are closer to genuine

There are also good and bad replica watches. Good skin watches are authentic and authentic. What are the replica watches that are closer to the authentic?   1: Longines Master Series   The world’s No. 2 Longines master (the first is genuine) bid farewell to the genuine. The final version of the Longines Masters Double […]

Why do submariner of NOOB factory have two 2836 and 3135 versions, what is the difference

As we all know, the Submariner of NOOB factory has two replica versions of watches, which are equipped with domestic 2836 movement and replica 3135 movement. Therefore, many friends have asked me various questions about the two movements. Today I have a special answer to questions about the movement. First of all, let’s see what […]

Diamond 4C : Clarity

Diamond clarity is determined by professionals under a 10x magnifying glass, based on the amount of diamond content. Diamond clarity is the number of defects. The defects that affect the clarity of the diamond are generally divided into two parts, namely internal defects and surface defects. According to the visibility, type, quantity and distribution of […]

What does diamond clarity IF stand for?

Diamond clarity is one of the key factors that determine the quality of diamonds. gia divides diamond clarity into several different grades according to different characteristics, where fl represents the highest clarity level and i3 is the lowest, and the diamond clarity of different levels is different. To indicate, what does IF in diamond clarity […]

Diamond 4C: Weight

The international unit of measurement for diamond weight is “carat”, usually abbreviated as “ct”. Carat weight is one of the 4C standards for diamonds. The weight of the diamond is the easiest feature to measure in 4C and an important indicator of the value of the diamond. Diamonds of the same quality, the greater the […]

Graphic analysis of diamond 4C, what is the standard of diamond 4C?

Diamond 4C is a relatively professional knowledge. If you understand it by words alone, it is inevitable that laymen will not understand it. However, when selecting diamonds, diamond 4C plays a decisive role. For laymen to buy a good diamond, they must have a full understanding of the weight, clarity, color and cut of diamond […]

What are the diamond-producing areas in China? Are the diamonds produced in good quality?

When it comes to South African diamonds, everyone must be familiar, but when it comes to Chinese diamonds, many people will be surprised. Can China also produce diamonds? What are the origins of diamonds? At present, more than 30 countries have diamond resources, and the top five countries in production are Australia, Zaire, Botswana, Russia, […]

How does gia diamond grade_gia diamond grade mean

The gia diamond is more authoritative for consumers. This diamond is identified by the makers of the 4C standard-gia, and a corresponding diamond identification certificate is issued, which details the grade information of the relevant diamond. Then the gia diamond grade What exactly do you mean? How are gia diamonds graded? Let’s take a look […]

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