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Payment Method

1: Bank card payment
2: Western Union payment
3: WeChat payment
4: Alipay

Payments And Exchange Rates
Chinareplica01 has the most complete payment methods:  direct bank transfer, western union, PayPal and more. And if you pay through Western Union, you will get a 10% discount. But they do not recommend using PayPal. Because a small number of customers do not receive a response immediately after paying the bill or encountering a problem, then these customers will seek a refund through PayPal. Take it easy, because of the time difference between countries, customer service may be sleeping or on weekends. will not affect the good reputation it establishes because of a transaction. They will definitely respond to you patiently as soon as possible after work. And getting a refund may also affect your reputation on PayPal, so why not wait patiently for customer service to work?
In a word: Paypal is not offered to first-time customers and even rarely to repeat customers because of the high scam rate and trigger happy buyer disputes. If you want to buy the best quality replica watches at the best price, you can choose the Western Union payment method.
Exchange Rates:
During the international payment process, it relates to the conversion between different currencies, coupled with exchange rate fluctuations, cross-border fee, therefore the amount you submitted and the actual charge will have the difference, which is a normal circumstance. Besides, some issuing banks may charge a certain amount of cross-border payments, which produce the difference. Therefore, it is normal for the payment amount to differ slightly from the actual amount.

Customs testing for taxation may be a point of great concern to users. According to our many years of overseas experience, there is no taxation for a single watch. Generally, a watch wrapped in more than 3 watches will be taxed. In addition, if the packaging is required The box is also extremely easy to be taxed, so it is not recommended that overseas users match the watch packaging box. We will professionally pack the bag and take measures to protect the watch.

Order Time

Due to the inconvenience of after-sales by overseas users, if there is a problem, then it will be very troublesome and expensive to send back and forth. Therefore, we generally ship the goods about 2-4 days after the customer places the order. This intermediate time is used Let’s carry out a detailed inspection of the ordered watch to ensure that there are no problems before shipping.

How Do I Ensure I Am Purchasing The Best Replica

We don’t know of any third party replicas of the same high quality as ours. If you are considering buying a copy from any other source but are not sure about the quality, please feel free to contact us.


1. Your order will usually be sent out within 2~ 4 working days after receiving payment. We will deliver your order via EMS (Online Tracking).
2. After placing the order, the tracking number of the package will be sent to you. You can use the tracking number to check the status of your order online;
3. We cannot send your order to a PO Box address, so please be sure to provide our street address.
order tracking
After sending the package, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number of the package. You can use your tracking number to track orders through the following order tracking websites:

Is My Watch Insured During Transit?

All of our shipments are fully insured against loss or damage during transit. If you believe that your item has been lost or damaged in the post or has not arrived within estimated delivery times, please email  with details of your order. As all shipments are fully traceable, we will contact the relevant shipper on behalf of the recipient, keeping you informed throughout of an estimated date of replacement.

Quality And Inventory

You don’t have to worry about quality. We offer AAA quality watches. Even with the same weight, the replica watch is 95% similar to the original watch. After confirming the watch information with you, chinareplica01 will have a comprehensive test of your watch by professional testers. This will ensure you get the highest quality replica watches. Regarding inventory, all replica watches of the Rolex brand are in stock. For the inventory of other brands, you can refer to the chinareplica01 website or contact us directly.

Returns And Warranty

If you want to return or exchange:
After receiving the replica watch, if you are not 100% satisfied, please return the watch within 3 days. A full refund can take up to 25 days to your account. (Transportation and handling fees will be deducted). The returned replica watch must be 100% brand new. This means that the watches you receive are not unpacked and are not subject to wear and tear. Once you put on a replica watch, the return policy is invalidated.
If your watch is broken:
All top-quality watches sold by have a one-year warranty against malfunctions caused by the manufacturer. The warranty only covers problems caused by the manufacturer. This does not include man-made vandalism or wear. Before replica watches come into contact with water, make sure the crown is tightened. If there is a problem with the manufacturer within one week of receiving the watch, will replace it with a brand new watch of the same type. If this watch is out of stock, you can choose a watch of the same or lower value.

What Is Your Returns Policy?

We offer a 25 day money back guarantee whereby if the watch is not suitable on arrival; simply return it to us in brand new condition in the original packaging to receive a full refund. Please note that we do not refund postage.  Please contact us for instructions on returning your watch.

What Is Covered Within My Warranty?

For full details of our warranty cover please click here

Can My Order Be Left With A Neighbour Or In A Convenient Place?

No, items must be delivered to the address provided on the order and must be signed for. If it is more convenient for a neighbor to receive your delivery, you must specify their name and address in the “shipping address” section of the checkout stage. Alternatively, a work address can be used to ensure a signature is obtainable. Any comments included on orders requesting packages to be left at alternative places will be ignored.

How Do I Cancel An Order?

If your order is not paid, you can suspend it or not. He won’t touch you to place a new order. We commission you to pay only for the procedure. If you have paid, but want to change to buy another product, please contact the staff and confirm or refund

How to become your distributor
Have the following conditions:
1.Financial independence and stable payment capacity;
2.Have their own sales channels;
Benefits of becoming a dealer
1. You can get HD pictures and videos of all products
2.Enjoy the best purchase price of goods
3.Help distributors ship to customers, all shipping information is completely            confidential
4.Please contact staff for more preferential policies
Is there a lower or higher quality product

This website only shows some products, if necessary, please send pictures to ask staff if they have other materials or quotes
High-quality products can also send pictures to ask employees if they can customize the product

About Watch And Jewelry Customization (refit)

Watch diamonds and jewellery customization can be communicated with the staff in detail by sending pictures or contacting the content you want to modify.
Jewelry WhatsApp: +1 484-314-9321
Watch WhatsApp: +1 484-403-2537

Will I Need To Sign For My Order On Delivery?

Yes. All shipments of watches and recorded delivery items will require a signature upon arrival. In the instance that a signature cannot be obtained, a calling card will be left by the courier at the address with details for rearranging delivery or collection from your local depot. If the item is not collected and subsequently returned to us, postage will be charged to resend the item.

When Will My Watch Need Servicing?

Watches require regular servicing to maintain optimum efficiency. Service is normally required every 3-5 years.


Based on our many years of overseas experience, this box is vulnerable to tax and customs inspections. Due to the particularity of the product, it is not recommended for overseas users to equip the box. If you really need it, you can buy it on chinareplica01 website and contact the staff for precautions


In addition to professional waterproof watches, other replica watches are life waterproof watches. Professional waterproof watches have a water resistance of 30M. But they do not recommend swimming or taking showers with them. Taking the replica watches underwater will revoke their guarantee.

Can I Swim In My Mechanical Watch?

We receive this question almost daily, and the answer is not simple.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Mechanical watches are water resistant and not waterproof.

2. Swimming presents challenges to mechanical watches other than just water. These include the effects of salt, chlorine and other chemicals.

3. The strap may be damaged by exposure to water.

Our rule of thumb is to not swim in a mechanical watch unless it is rated to a depth of 200 meters or greater. Next, if swimming in a mechanical watch, rinse it off after the swim (do not use soap or other cleaning products).

If the watch will be used for diving, even casually, we recommend a minimum water resistance of 500 meters.

All of the watches we make are water resistant but we do not guarantee them being waterproof. You should not wash your hands with one of our watches on or take a shower, bath or swim with them on, as this will revoke their guarantee.

Can My Mechanical Watch Become Magnetized?

The simple answer is yes, in some cases it is easy. Many watch repair centers will quote magnetism as the number one source of watch timing problems.

The good news is that in most cases, the degaussing process and the cost of mechanical watches are small, and regular demagnetization can prove to be a useful maintenance program for the home.

Mechanical watches may be magnetized by various sources. Although the culprit cannot be fully listed, the following is a summary of the types of items and/or equipment that can generate a magnetic field sufficient to magnetize a mechanical watch:

Electrical equipment rooms
Frequent flying (exposure to higher altitudes)
IT and other large computer/data center equipment
Large audio and video equipment
Large monitors used for video, IT, diagnostic
Large speaker systems (or close proximity to smaller speakers)
Larger microwave ovens
Medical diagnostic equipment
Most equipment in a medical setting
Patient care and transport equipment
Security systems (including at airports)
Telecommunications switches and equipment
Very close and frequent proximity to cell phones, laptops, hard drives

How Do I Know If My Watch Is Magnetized?

Many times, but not always, the watch suddenly starts to be very fast. For example, you may notice that it has been advanced by one hour or more in one afternoon. In other cases, when the exposure to magnetic force is small, the timing may not “reach the standard.” The only truly known method is to degauss the watch and record an immediate improvement in the timing rate.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Chinareplica01 began business in 2010

Our goal has been to sell quality products to clients whom we treat with respect.

Does The Watch Have A Ceramic Bezel?

Yes, if the real model has a ceramic bezel, our replicas will work too.

Why Would I Want To Purchase A Swiss Clone?

There may be several reasons: 1) You want a genuine Rolex  watch, but the price is too ridiculous. 2) You want to impress your friends or business clients. 3) You want to put your replica through wear and tear because you don’t want to damage your genuine Rolex. The main reason why you want to purchase a Swiss Clone instead of a regular replica is because it is almost impossible to tell the difference between our replicas and the real thing. A regular, China-made, and even the Japan-made fakes, are mass-produced. That is why they don’t have all the fine details and craftsmanship of a genuine Rolex. The most important factor is that these are quality Swiss watches regardless of the fact that they are “Replicas” Similar quality items retail for thousands of dollars, as the movements and craftsmanship of our watches match a high end Swiss timepieces.

Where Can I Purchase Replacement Parts?

Replacement straps, pins and bezels can be purchased by contacting our support staff.

What Should I Avoid When Wearing My Watch?

Steamy environments; wearing a watch in a hot, steamy environment can potentially cause the case to expand and contract resulting in condensation inside the watch that may damage vital internal parts. Magnetic fields; placing your watch near speakers, refrigerators or other items with strong magnetic fields can potentially cause the movement to fail or function incorrectly. Leaving the crown out or unscrewed when worn in water Extreme temperatures above 140f or 60c and below -40f or -40c. Extreme changes in temperature can cause the case to expand and contract resulting in condensation to form inside the watch. Heavy constant vibration or sudden impact; for example with pneumatic drills and machinery or dropping onto hard surfaces Chemical Products: Avoid contacts with solvents, detergents, perfumes and cosmetic products which can affect the life span of a polymer straps and potentially crown gaskets and seals.

How Do I Keep My Watch Clean?

Our watches can be cleaned by using a soft tooth brush and warm water in the event that they are dirtied by mud or dust.

Can I Take My Watch To A Local Jeweler A Service?

Repairs to your watch during the warranty period MUST be carried out by an official service center. Failure to adhere to this requirement will invalidate your warranty. If the warranty term has expired, repairs, servicing and battery replacement can be carried out by an alternative service center or with us. However, we strongly recommend that you seek a reputable service center with trained technicians and the facilities to perform a pressure test so that water resistance is maintained. Please note that service centers that are not registered with Best Replica may not have all of the components required to carry out an efficient service.

Are The Pictures In Your Shop Taken From The Actual Replica Or The Genuine Watch?

You may be amazed by some of the pictures we have on our website. Because of their quality, you might think they are from catalogs of the genuine watch. But that is NOT true! We have use professional photographers to take pictures for us so you can compare the true likeness and precision of our watches. We guarantee 100% that all pictures of the watches in our shop are actual pictures! The watches look exactly as represented in the pictures, and we never, ever use anyone else’s pictures, or pictures of the genuine watch. If you have any doubts at all about buying the watch, just remember that we have a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

How are diamonds cleaned and maintained?
1. Please store all kinds of jewelry separately. Because the hardness of the gemstones is different, store them as one piece as possible to avoid the jewelry from scratching each other.
2. Avoid the impact of diamond ornaments and colored treasures. Although the hardness of diamonds and colored treasures is large, they are also brittle. They should be worn during vigorous exercise to avoid damage caused by violent collision.
3. Please avoid contact with oily and corrosive chemicals. Diamonds are lipophilic. Oil stains will reduce the luster of diamonds. Bleaching water will cause spots in precious metals in diamond jewelry.
4. Please clean it regularly. Every week, dilute the jewellery cleaning solution or neutral detergent with warm water, soak the diamond jewelry and wash it with a soft brush, then put it in the filter and rinse with water, and then blot it with a soft cloth Moisture.
What is K gold?
“K gold” indicates the purity of gold. Generally, there are 18K, 14K, and 9K gold on the market. ’18K’ means that the pure gold content is 18/24, which is 75% gold plus 25% other metal alloys. Composed of a metal.
“14K” refers to a pure gold content of 14/24, which is 58.5% of gold plus 41.5% of other metals. “9K’s refers to a pure gold content of 9/24, which is 87.5% of gold Plus 62.5% of other metals, K gold is a precious metal with other metals added to gold. It has higher hardness, rich color and lower melting point, which is very suitable for jewelry.
How should K gold be maintained?

You should avoid contact with chemicals such as bleach, perfume, etc. You should also avoid wearing gold jewelry when handling housework.

What grade is your diamond?

All diamonds in chinareplica are based on GIA standards (F-H, VS1-VS2). After receiving the goods, the diamond can be tested by the local jewelry testing agency. chinareplica has been in business for many years. Before all products are sold, we have professional testing institutions to test the products

What is the diamond 4C standard?

Refers to the carat weight, clarity, color, and cut of a diamond. Just appreciate the four points of “4C”, diamond price = weight + color + clarity + cut.

What if I accidentally drop the diamond I bought here?

First of all, our jewelry has undergone multiple inspections, you can rest assured that the quality of the product. As long as you avoid collision with other hard objects when you usually wear it, it is not a problem to check whether the diamond is loose frequently.